Eternal Redemption Assemblies International

The Holy Spirit Is Our Senior Partner

We Believe In Miracles Because We Believe In God.
The highlight of the ministry has seen great waves of miracles we’ve experience over the past few years  in the United States and around the world.
In his apartment residence in Alexandria, Michael was raised from the dead after forty five minutes of  prayer by the Man of God under the guidance of the Blessed Holy Spirit.

Our friend John had been admitted to the Fairfax hospital with little to no chance of survival after suffering a fatal sickness that will require new organs for survival. Without any organ transplant of any  kind, the Lord miraculously healed John through the prayer of Evangelist Nick. Today he is home living a  normal life with his family........Praise be to our God!

Sister Joyce’s family invited pastor over to their residence in Woodbridge VA after she suffered a  massive stroke which left half of her body and face twisted. We literally saw her face turn back to its original state as the man of God prayed for her. As a member of our congregation she has grown to appreciate and share God’s word with the sick and those in need of God’s touch. Her miracle was instant and miraculous as it was in bible days...............Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today and forever!

BROKEN BONES RESTORED AFTER PRAYER:  As recently as Sunday 12/14/2014 Sister Sandra from Ghana called to request for prayer for healing after she broke her ankle bones upon suffering a massive fall on Saturday 12/13/2014. The doctors had reported her bones broken and of joint; she could only move crutches on leg. After prayer with Evangelist Nick on Sunday morning, she has been able to walk on her own two feet without help or crutches. The missing bones have filled in place as the Lord has miraculously healed her...........Praise the Lord.

HEALED OF SPINAL DISORDER:   My name is Esi Buabeng from Nsuatre in the Brong Ahafo Region in Ghana. I currently live in Woodbridge VA. About 3 years ago I experienced numbness and tingling in my feet and on the left side of my body. I could not walk and had to visit many hospitals in search of treatment. I was placed on series of medications for about 2 years.
After an MRI in July 2014 the doctors told me the 4th and 5th bones in my vertebrae were twisted in a condition which in turn affected blood circulation in my body. After going through a series of therapy, I was discharged due to a lack of progress in my health – I could not get any better. I could not stand for more than 5 minutes at a time. The pain was severe. I had to lean over anything I could find close and use a walker. The Doctors recommended a drug called epidural to ease the pain but I still had to use a walker to facilitate my movement.
 One day a friend called Elizabeth told me about Pastor Joshua and how he was being used by God mightily. I decided to contact Pastor Joshua.  The church was holding a weeklong revival which I attended. From the first day I stepped into the church I was touched and transformed by the way he administered the word of God. Pastor prayed for me afterwards and I was miraculously healed immediately after the prayer. I felt movements in my joints as I fell under the power of the Holy Spirit. Suddenly all the pain in my body and bones disappeared. I stopped using the walker since then. I was relieved of all my pain and burden.

I want to testify that I am completely healed and I have resumed work full time. I am no longer taking any medication. I was scheduled for surgery the very weekend I was healed so I had to cancel the surgery. The situation was so bad that I was approved for disability. I am free today and I was called back to resume work full time with no health challenges. The Afrikan Post news paper examined the medical records to verify the authenticity of her claims and discovered that she was completely restored. Esi Buabeng walks without any assistance and she is no longer taking any medication and has no pain whatsoever in any part of her body. To God be the glory!!