Discipleship Class are on going every Sunday morning at 10:15 AM. Become a true disciple of Jesus Christ and stay ready for His return. 

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Included in the ministry portfolio is the School of Ministry which educates individual and pastors on  what the various ministries embedded in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Syllabuses include: the School of Salvation, The Blood, School of Healing, Operating in the Anointing, The New Testament Prophet, The  Gospel of the Kingdom, The Prosperous Soul, Financial Stewardship, Spirit Soul and Body, The Trinity  and many exciting and enlightening knowledge that will draw you into a deep relationship with the Lord  Jesus Christ.  Call to register today!!

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Sunday 10:00 AM   -  Worship Service

Sunday   7:00 PM   -  Prayer Festival

Wednesday  8:00 PM  -  Bible Study

Friday Night  9:00 PM  -  School of Healing


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